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Finding the Witch's Seat - Weatherly, PA

Living in the mountains for years, you’re bound to hear some ghost stories. Maybe tall tales, maybe not. This October I decided to finally follow some up while at the same time trying not to…scare anything up.

So we started with the closest and more forbidding story about an abandoned graveyard on North Church Rd. in Weatherly. Rumor has it that during a full moon, you’re in big trouble there. I have no desire to tempt the terrible, so I went during the day to locate the spooky spots as quickly as possible.

Our first goal was the infamous Witch’s Seat. Locals claim that if you sit in it three times on a full moon, death will follow. Not really something I’m going to test near Halloween, thank you very much. But I did find it! A gravestone apparently, dead center (oops) in front of an even more monstrous tree, it didn’t look intimidating in daylight. My friend had no problem sitting in it. Twice.

Next we searched high and low for the mischievous Devil’s Post, which allegedly rings out with a loud humming noise. You guessed it, on a full moon. I know people who have claimed to experience both the ringing and unexplained lights in the graveyard (this was admittedly 25 years ago). I’m guessing some kind of magnetic affect?

A few people have reported that their cars have stopped going by this graveyard at night. My cousin went by recently and her cell phone’s ghost-finder app went off like crazy. Me? I didn’t notice anything weird at all.

Aside the stories, this graveyard was interesting in its own self, though many graves are sadly toppled over. A few are as recent as 1992, but the oldest dated back to 1820! Barely legible and soon to be lost in time, it was still an old site to see.

I took some photos of beautiful moss-coated graves and left the graveyard happy… to have seen it without experiencing it. Yes, I would still like to hear that Devil’s Post if I can get my courage up some full moon. But no, I will never, ever, be sitting on that Seat. If you feel like tempting fate or exploring the past, please be my guest. I dare you.


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